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Flying Sorcerers debut release out

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William Daymond: “This has been a long time in the making but The Flying Sorcerers debut release is now available. We have set it as “name your price” on bandcamp but it will only be like this for a few days so those curious should get in quick.”


flyingsorcerersWilliam Daymond – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals
Paul Glubb – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals
Margaret Gordon – Drums, Vocals


released 22 November 2013
Engineered and recorded by Tom Watson at The Car Club, Newtown, Wellington, 7 November 2011.
Overdubs completed sporadically throughout 2012 and 2013 in Paul’s basement, Newtown, Wellington.
Mixed by Annabel Alpers and Adam Cooke in Baltimore, MD, August 2013.
Mastered by Tom Watson at The Orange Room, Wellington, 17 & 19 November 2013.Photography by John Collie, Cover Art by Margaret Gordon, Cover Design by Mike Boulden.Special thanks to Annabel Alpers and Adam Cooke, Tom Watson, Mike Boulden, Nick White, John Collie, Catherine Henehan, Terror of the Deep, Matt Bullimore, Simon Nunn, Jared Kelly, Uncle Shandy, Dave Imlay, The Family Practice, Joe Sampson, Brett Stanton, Riki Gooch and Mike Gibson.

Straight To Hell – Shoes This High LP out Jan 2014

Reprinted from:

Ghost Ranch X - Fats White

Ghost Ranch X – Fats White; cover art for ‘Straight to Hell’

While Shoes This High’s existence was a mere glint in the eye of Father Time (a year or more, tops), they made every second count, stalking the New Zealand post-punk landscape—both North and South islands—with ravenous abandon.

For most fans, their legend and reputation rest solely on the strength of one highly formidable (and collectable) self-released 7-inch EP from 1981. And as anyone with ears who’s had the good fortune to come in contact with its jagged, scabrous genius can attest, the cry invariably rings out afterward: “Mein Gott, is this all there is?” In the 30-plus years since its initial release, the answer has been a most unflinching “yes.”

That is, until Siltbreeze tapped into the massive tape library of famed New Zealand underground music archivist Bob Sutton, who had in his possession a white-hot live scorcher of the group, culled from a set that went down at the infamous Billy the Club way back when. Straight to Hell showcases a band at the peak of their menacing powers.

Guitarist Kevin Hawkins slashes and rips strings from his ax like a mad butcher; the rhythm section of Jessica Walker and Christopher Plummer is par excellence, while the sneering, contemptuous vocals of singer S. Brent Hayward spit like poison darts above the swagger. Expertly sequenced by Jared Phillips (Times New Viking), Straight to Hell is a most welcome and astonishingly great artifact that delivers in buckets a shivering, toxic rain you always knew had fallen. Vinyl comes with a digital download of the complete album plus the four studio tracks from the original 1981 EP. One-time edition of 500—buy now or cry later.

Shoes This High posters – from the awesome collection of Bob Sutton

Just out of embargo : Bott 13 – Came a Bott Friday – installment 1

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Axemen’s ‘3 Virgins’ Double LP NOW AVAILABLE

(re-printed courtesy of siltblog: Axemen’s ‘3 Virgins’ Double LP NOW AVAILABLE)

FINALLY! After a couple of years in the RE-making, the Axemen’s legendary dbl lp ‘3 Virgins, 3 Virgins, 3 Visions’ (hereafter known simply as 3V’s) is available for order. Originally seeing the light of day on the Flying Nun label in 1985, 3V’s is a broad canvas of sound, seemingly channeling other likeminded cornerstones of fringe rumble such as ‘Trout Mask Replica’, ‘Exile On Main Stree’t & ‘Tago Mago’. Just like last time (remember?) this is a limited edition run of 600 & housed is a stunning full color gatefold sleeve. Prices are as follows;


Add to your order both previous Axemen titles; ‘Big Cheap Motel’ lp + Scary,Part III double lp for only 15$ more! No extra shipping cost either!That’s 3 more lp’s! What a bargain!
(Just make sure to mention when ordering).

Paypal to;


Check out this AMAZING 3 Virgins promo film shot back in the day by Stu Kawowski & Lawrence Lens (Nux Vomica, Portage mastermind);

AXEMEN “Three Virgins” sure to rise again…

Like a phoenix, it’s flaming wings rendering liquefacted silt into weirdly shaped shiny psychedelic ceramic sculptures as it rises from the quake-decimated ruins of Christchurch’s State Trinity Centre, the penultimate Axemen tome “Three Virgins, Three Versions, Three Visions”  (commonly referred to in hushed tones as simply “Three Virgins“), well, more accurately, the four fragile lacquers of which are currently and patiently awaiting their turn at R.T.I. USA. Soon those lovingly engraved mothers will be slammed into steaming 180 gram piles of black vinyl, and slipped into exact replicas of the intricately elaborate 4-colour gatefold sleeve, the cost of said practically bringing Flying Nun Records to it’s knees back in the Christchurch of 1986.

The 22/2/11 quake-decimated ruins of Christchurch’s State Trinity Centre.


Kawowski’s vain effort to bake the original 7″ masters in a food-dehydrator, and transfer digitally proved unacceptable to his high standards of aural sensitivity. With the upwards nodding approval of the other 2/3 of the legendary flat-city triad, Steve ‘n Bob, together with the blessing of the sage Siltbreeze label boss T. J. Lax, Germany’s and possibly the world’s pre-eminate ‘needle drop’ exponent Thomas Hartlage of SHADOKS™ was contracted to place his own virgin pressing of the original 1986 pressing onto his unspeakably expensive transcription system, the result being a beautifully crafted replica with all aspects and nuances of the tricky trio’s debut vinyl of PQ (pre-quake) ChCh yesteryear. Not sufficiently content with this scintillating facsimile, the 24bit WAVs were broadbanded south to a dijkside upstairs warehouse near Amsterdam, where the legendary FIR International wove his mastering magic upon the 22 tracks, and soon after Mark at Prairie Cat Mastering in Illinois had manifested the four sides of the 88 minute set in shiny, shiny lacquer.

An announcement will be made shortly regarding worldwide availability of these waxy widgets. Keep watching here, and AXEMEN on Facebook.

Stop Press: In a generous 11th hour gesture, Shadoks & Fir International donated 60% of the mastering costs to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. In fact the whole exercise of re-releasing Three Virgins is all about the music, as the small 2nd edition pressing run will only produce 600 copies, and not return much of a profit to Siltbreeze’s hungry shareholders. The Axemen are very cognizant of this fact and super-appreciative of everyone’s efforts and generosity all round.

The Bill Classics (2010): The Above Ground Railroad

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October 2010 finds the dysfunctional Axemen family in myriad modes, each in his own sphere, each with their own worldview, each finding new connections, disconnecting others some halfhearted some heartfelt some hearty beef some harkening some heartlessly hardened, haggling and harrying. don’t ask don’t tell.

The Sultan’s Bat Tree 

some haranguing, some balls dangling sanguine like,
making a beeline for anything that smiles.
I see your point it stands out like a dogs bollocks
please can i have a block of your skin for my locket.

ditching a bat with simple bamboo slivers
tickling till the echoes subside
bats have no sense of humour
cave wetas may fear better

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Stevie & Stu play with Bill Direen at Devonport 20:10:2010

More to come…

The doctor’s on Speed Dial

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The doctor’s on Speed Dial

Dr. Martin Cooper

Dr. Martin Cooper, inventor of the cellphone

a song by steve mccabe

the doctors on speed dial
i’m making amends for
all the things i did to you

i may pretend to be all hard nosed but sometimes what can you do

the movies come out
its all comin out
has a persil shine

hungry enzymes and hungry hippos
they’ll both eat you alive

You be the judge… Did CNN steal our riff?

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i am thinking of going for pain and suffering grounds for this too – every time i hear it my blood pressure goes up 10 pts.
how is shar? what is the situation there now? not sure as to best approach if you got any ideas….

The Axemen – Be My Slave, written 1995 and played extensively on US Tour November, and archived at FMA

CNN’s current World Sports Theme (initially used for FIFA World Cup 2010)

Live at WFMU, New York City – Nutsack (Video)

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WFMU Recording Studio, NYC

WFMU Recording Studio, NYC

“Nutsack” was written in Los Angeles by Dragan Stojanovic & Bob Brannigan October 2009, inspired by Ice Cube rapping about his nutsack and busting a nut

More video...

blasting out of our KIA sound system on the LA freeways, oh and seeing squirrels in the parks all over USA, and the fact we lived out of nutsacks from Wholefoods for 5 weeks on our 7,000 mile tour.

Brannigan and Kawowski with Brian Turner

Kawowski videoed the event and pounded the skins while McCabe added his two-bit guitar part, as WFMU’s Brian Turner, Jason Sigal and Alex Yockey provided the lads with a fantastic opportunity to record a snapshot of a typical set from their recent US tour while they were in New York in November 2009. An inspiration to lovers everywhere.

The full show can be heard here…

7 – Inch wonders: Times New Viking / Axemen tour single

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Times New Viking / Axemen tour single

Picked this up last night at the TNV show at Mercury Lounge with the Axemen…my friend Pat told me to look out for a tour only single at the merch table, and there it was.
Does a band with the power of Matador behind it have to press a split single, hand color the xerox sleeve and inscribe the inner label for their US tour with the Axemen? HELL NO.
But they did it anyway.

I have to admire this.
Plus they set out to educate an audience to a NZ band that probably deserves more due that I’ve never come across before, I’m always up for that.

Didn’t know anything about the Axemen before they went on other than the brief mentions at Siltblog after their reissue by Tom of a huge part of their back catalog.

I stood there watching thinking, ‘I’m sure these guys are important’ especially to the first few rows. I’ve been reading about their protest albums/accident (crash) into some government office in NZ, they weren’t in it for the money obviously.

I can respect anyone touring 20+ years later etc…but it just wasn’t my thing. The one time they got me was an insane hardcore blast, but honestly they didn’t seem happy about it. Have to dive further into the Siltbreeze catalog.
They cover each other on this thing which I wasn’t expecting at all.

The Axemen track on the single ‘SIcKh & TYRED’ is a great interpretation of the track from the TNV Stay Awake EP. I’m into it when they replicate the back and forth Beth Adam vocals. Sounds good.

They have to feel pretty cool that these guys covered one of their tracks for this. I honestly had no idea until I played it this morning.

Times New Viking on the other side cover ‘Rocks in my Heart’ by the Axemen. Which includes the lyric ‘Sick and Tired’ also I noticed…weird. They make this song fit into their catalog, emphasizing the pop chords and immediacy, all with just a touch their special fuzz. Excellent…can’t believe this really. I am honored guys. It’s too much.

Here’s Jared working on the covers…

Reprinted from:

The Daily Choice: Times New Viking – Rocks In My Heart

Times New Viking has shocked me twice. Once, sandwiched between sweaty stages in Austin, Texas, this band I’d never heard of, and whom I couldn’t see as the place was full far past capacity, played what seemed to be ear splitting noise for thirty minutes.  Months later, on what could be the least consistent bill of all time, Times New Viking opened for Annuals, and for twenty beautiful minutes, I felt my ears bleed with sonic love.  Two times, two times.

And lets call this a third.  I don’t know if there’s a newly formed sweet tooth amongst this trio, but “Rock In My Heart” seems to follow the dirt-covered lollipop sound of their new album.  Sure, it seems like it tastes pretty good, but you finding bits of grit, or who knows what, stuck in your pearly whites.  A part of me yearns for the sonic assault, but there’s just enough here that I can digest the sugary sweet and keep on smiling.

Times New Viking – Rocks In My Heart

New Zealand’s Axemen at WFMU New York (broadcast 24 November 2009)

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Downloads and Links:

Download Zip File of Live Audio Tracks

One of the big touring surprises for 2009 has to be the visit of New Zealand’s legendary Axemen to U.S. shores.

The band began in Christchurch in 1981 and stood somewhat aside of the pop path exhibited by much of the the Flying Nun label roster, but are without doubt one of the more fascinating Kiwi exports.

Various live shows and releases displayed a loose but virulent amalgamation of avant-garage, Half Japanese style sax primitivism, confusion, and general air of maladjusted greatness.

They’ve got two reissues “Big Cheap Motel” and “Scary!” out now on Siltbreeze, and are hitting the road coast to coast with Times New Viking.

- Brian Turner/WFMU (WFMU Playlist & Streaming Archive for BT’s show)

View Full Radio Show Details 

View Live Track Details 

Play Full Radio Show (MP3)

Host: Brian Turner
Engineer: Jason Sigal with Alex Yockey
Released:November 24th, 2009

November 24, 2009

New Zealand’s Axemen at WFMU (MP3’s)

Axemenlive It’s a chore enough these days for any kind of overseas band to land a U.S. tour on any scale, so its was nothing less than a pleasant surprise when we learned that New Zealand’s Axemen had a pretty extensive one lined up with Columbus, Ohio’s Times New Viking this fall.

The Axemen started in Christchurch in 1981, a time when New Zealand and Flying Nun records in particular were stirring up a major musical waves (ones that were felt in countless 1990’s US indie bands and are still being felt today especially disciples like TNV), yet the sweeping, strummy pop element that was evident in many of the Nun’s stable was only a part of the fuzzy picture that was the Axemen.

The band’s central core of (Little) Stevie McCabe, Bob Brannigan, and Stu Kawowski recorded in both cheapo home mode and in traditional studios, but setting had little to do with the wide-swing of directions that are evident wherever you drop a needle (or cue up a tape).

There’s tons of basement weirdness nodding to the more antisocial Velvets and Swell Maps moments, scatterings of drunken White Album recreation attempts, even moments where they sound like Royal Trux way before their time.

When they played at Union Pool in Brooklyn last week I could swear they were going for a Stackwaddy/Doors thing, but then they became Half Japanese with Stevie playing sax solos on guitar. In Axemen recordings, they have one song about Elmer Fudd that sounds like Psychic TV, and another that is totally inspired by Grandmaster Flash. They even did a full album of Elton John songs. I have a feeling that if Flying Nun gave them the giant studio budget like they did Straitjacket Fits they would have come up with an album just as great as their Big Cheap Motel and Scary! Part III cassettes that Siltbreeze thankfully reissued in 2009.

Check out the clip below (and more after the jump) of the band on a 90’s NZ kids’ TV show (promoting their Peter Wang Pud album!), and dig in to their November 20th visit to my radio show, engineered by Jason Sigal and Alex Yockey.Thanks for Terre T for leaving us all the food the Reigning Sound didn’t eat earlier that day, there were some fancy pastries!

The Axemen Live at WFMU, Brian Turner’s show

Lineup: (Little) Stevie McCabe, Stu Kawowski, Bob Brannigan, Dragan Stojanovic

Promo video for Three Virgins LP (being reissued by Siltbreeze in 2010):

You cand find more on the Axemen’s My Space page and Y2K blog,the latter of which has updates on sometimes-member Mick Elborado’s recent exploits at his workplace; he recently drove his car through the lobby of his employers’ building, New Zealand’s equivalent of the IRS. No one was hurt, but New Zealand’s government might be learning a thing or two about satisfying employees’ gripes in the future.

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What about these guys??? the Puddle Live-to-air at Radio Volcano, sweet as, direct from another universe

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the puddle, live to air, radio volcano, lyttelton, one romantic gesture

the puddle, live to air, radio volcano, lyttelton, one romantic gesture

and this one with different scenery – needs more mick though if you ask me….

The Puddle - same song, better scenery

The Puddle - better scenery in this vid... wish george the best after his stroke - oops sorry that was that other guy

Gig Report, Newtown Farewell Gig, Ariki st , auckland,friday August 7 [Bobs birthday] – hello darkness my old friend

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Newtown - l-r {girl peeing in cup, probably not a pregnancy test} Greta, Kirsten- i am almost sure that goatee and moustache is fake...

Posted by : Beam Civet Sec

Ironically it was Bob who didn’t show on the very night of his birthday bash but fortunately Celia assumed the role of Bob admirably in the Axemen’s short but brief albeit cutdown and necessarily concise set later into the evening. Two exquisite songs Womin of Love and the trex classic Buick MacKane

But I digress, this was Newtown’s night as the lovebirds plan to head off to the US to seek their fame and fortune and we all of course wish them the best in their pursuit of the dream.

Ariki Street, Auckland

Ariki Street, Auckland

In some ways it was hard to disconnect the incestuous associations from the music in the lineup of bands on this night but this turned out to be a bonus for all involved as there was a general vibe of love and peace in the air uncommon to many a house party.

The Newtown, darkly lit video, but with great Alice Cooper bits - click for video

The Newtown, darkly lit video, but with great Alice Cooper bits - click for video

Newtown played first, followed by the Hissyfits then penultimately  the Axelmin (Stu, Celia & Steve) preceding the Hairdos, hosts of the party and friends of all.

Celia X

Celia X... smouldering, small & feisty as usual on this nite

Celia X, TCB

Celia X, TCB a few milliseconds before blacking my eye and leaving an intriguing TNUC welt on my forehead

More emotional upheaval for me, but thats rock’n’roll… celia and stu played fantastically and i was well satisfied with my guitaring and singing – unfortunately singing a bit quiet on the recording but thats the nature of da bidnis.

Thanks to Liz for the padded wall, I had a little bit of a sore back from being round at davey g’s and working on his dodgy wokstation.

probably contracted the swine flu sitting out in the back yard between sets, but frankly i don’t care – this is what its all about and i miss it and want more, once again.

no sex, no sax, but a great time nonetheless with great pals and a great evening which i wouldn’t trade for the world… thanks 2 all

great but darkly video here of womin of love/buick mccane (t.rex, ladies first)

all i can say is wow these are the good old days

This is why video killed the radio star

(Click for radio without pictures) This is why video killed the radio star - axelmin, ariki st, auckland 7 august 2009, bobs 444th birthday, dancing on the ceiling LET THERE BE ROCK

can’t beat the original though- but i think we came close… almost simultaneously – they had better lighting, and vocal amplification, even in the 70’s with no guitar leads or mics….

T Rex - Buick MacKane - the original

T Rex - Buick MacKane - the original

Shoes This High – Live 22 June 1980 – Recording C/- Bob Sutton

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“BEAT IT” BOYS Live (1983) (K WoW Loud Mix)

“Beat It” (Jackson M.) (K Wow Loud mix)

AXEMEN recorded live on 4-track at the Star & Garter, Christchurch, New Zealand

Guy Fawkes Day 5/11/83 by Hamish Kilgour (features Steve, Bob, Mick & Stu). 06′29 dur.

Beat It (K Wow Loud mix)


[1st Verse]
They Told Him Don’t You Ever Come Around Here
Don’t Wanna See Your Face, You Better Disappear
The Fire’s In Their Eyes And Their Words Are Really Clear
So Beat It, Just Beat It

[2nd Verse]
You Better Run, You Better Do What You Can
Don’t Wanna See No Blood, Don’t Be A Macho Man
You Wanna Be Tough, Better Do What You Can
So Beat It, But You Wanna Be Bad

Just Beat It, Beat It, Beat It, Beat It
No One Wants To Be Defeated
Show them How Funky Strong Is Your Fight
It Doesn’t Matter Who’s Wrong Or Right
Just Beat It, Beat It
Just Beat It, Beat It
Just Beat It, Beat It
Just Beat It, Beat It

[3rd Verse]
They’re Out To Get You, Better Leave While You Can
Don’t Wanna Be A Boy, You Wanna Be A Man
You Wanna Stay Alive, Better Do What You Can
So Beat It, Just Beat It

[4th Verse]
You Have To Show Them That You’re Really Not Scared
You’re Playin’ With Your Life, This Ain’t No Truth Or Dare
They’ll Kick You, Then They Beat You,
Then They’ll Tell You It’s Fair
So Beat It, But You Wanna Be Bad

Just Beat It, Beat It, Beat It, Beat It
No One Wants To Be Defeated
Showin’ How Funky Strong Is Your Fight
It Doesn’t Matter Who’s Wrong Or Right

Just Beat It, Beat It, Beat It, Beat It
No One Wants To Be Defeated
Showin’ How Funky Strong Is Your Fight
It Doesn’t Matter Who’s Wrong Or Right
Just Beat It, Beat It, Beat It, Beat It, Beat It

Beat It, Beat It, Beat It, Beat It
No One Wants To Be Defeated
Showin’ How Funky Strong Is Your Fight
It Doesn’t Matter Who’s Wrong Or Right

Just Beat It, Beat It, Beat It, Beat It
No One Wants To Be Defeated
Showin’ How Funky Strong Is Your Fight
It Doesn’t Matter Who’s Wrong Or Who’s Right

Just Beat It, Beat It, Beat It, Beat It
No One Wants To Be Defeated
Showin’ How Funky Strong Is Your Fight
It Doesn’t Matter Who’s Wrong Or Right

Just Beat It, Beat It, Beat It, Beat It
No One Wants To Be Defeated
Showin’ How Funky Strong Is Your Fight
It Doesn’t Matter Who’s Wrong Or Right
Just Beat It, Beat It
Beat It, Beat It, Beat It

Loliners – Single release May 2009

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Loliners – Single release May 2009 – Another Dead Daddy / Obsessed and deranged

Loliners Single - Obssessed and Deranged cw Another Dead Daddy

Loliners Single - Obssessed and Deranged cw Another Dead Daddy

Song :LoLiners: obsessed and deranged

Buy single here:

Loliners: History

Lo liners Started 2004
Ex trash/grungeriotgrrlpunk with gats

Some history:
Lisa Preston – keyboard, drums, guitar, vocals
Bands: Portage, Nux-Vomica The Axemin, Snort, Thee Hellfire Club, The Luvin’ 44’s, The Ginger Group, The Tryhards, Loliners

Joanne Billesdon – lead and rhythm guitar & vocals
Bands: The Stepford 5, The Renderers, The Axemin, I M Force, Snort, The Hellfire Club, The Strap-ons, The Tryhards, Lo liners

Sharon Warhurst – Bass guitar
Bands: The Stepford 5, Snort, I M Force, Thee Hellfire Club, Lo liners

Russell Covyne – Drums…
Bands: mainly Boy Bands

Gig Report – The Ambassador, Pt Chevalier, Auckland, March 20 2009

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March 20,  2009

Axemen, Hairdos, Smokin Daggers at the Ambassador

Ambassador Gig, Auckland, March 20 2009

Ambassador Gig, Auckland, March 20 2009

Following the flames of resurgence in punk music in Auckland being fanned by the wind from beneath the wings and between the buttocks of the recent phenomenally successful and oversubscribed AK87 gigs, Dogs Bollix new years eve gig, North Shore kids parties and others, punk in Auckland is once again rearing its ugly (or is more often the case on the isthmus, cutesy) head.

Axemen – Animals Have Rights Too
(soundcheck version, mp3)

Smokin' Daggers, The Ambassador, Pt Chevalier, Auckland, 2009

Smokin' Daggers, The Ambassador, Pt Chevalier, Auckland, 2009

Opening proceedings were the Smokin’ Daggers, Mr Tolley and his cohorts providing a typically energetic set; Tolleys guitar slung so low it conjures the image of a cricket player sizing up a yorker, the band knocking out the singles throughout the over and setting off the odd spinner, occasionally pushing out to the boundaries.

Closing off after a respectable innings, the mostly well behaved crowd expressed their approval and the band members melted into the crowd.


Hairdos, The Ambassador, Pt Chevalier, Auckland, 2009


Souvenir Poster

Next up were the Hairdos, Grey Lynn’s next big thing. The vibrant three piece hammered out their trademark edgy punk-pop numbers with their usual irrepressible glee to an appreciative audience.

The movie theatre foyer-themed movie theatre foyer venue suited the hairdos (pronounced hare-doos) music to a tee, you could almost imagine the torches and spilt popcorn as they played and jaffas rolled freely about during their show.

Mo Money Mo Money Mo Money

Mo Money Mo Money Mo Money

“That has to be one of the whackiest Axemen gigs we’ve ever played!” Stu Kawowski was heard to pronounce at the end of the Axemen’s set.
“Snailclamps closing was pretty whacky…” chimed in Steve.
“One of the whackiest gigs I remember” qualified Stu.

Songs by Axemen - Steve's Hair by Birdstock

Songs by Axemen - Steve's Hair by Birdstock

The Axemen, dormant for 15 years but exploding back on the scene in Auckland like an eighth volcano in a training run for their upcoming US tour with indie rockers Times New Viking came along tonight to see if they could out-punk all the young punks, all the young dudes, the brothers and sisters young enough to be their sons and daughters, the movers, the shakers, the young ones.

The Axemen - Stu, Steve, Bob

The Axemen - Stu, Steve, Bob

Airing out some of the more ascerbic and acrid tracks from their bulging back-catalog (‘Animals have rights too’ [from the soon-to-be-re-released on Vinyl 'Scary!'  LP], ‘Big Cheap Motel’, ‘J.O.R.J’, ‘Money’ to name a few), the Axemen’s tiny overdriven amps were swamped by the booming drums and vocals for the most part giving the show an almost acapella feel, with Bobs keyboards and Steve’s guitar squeaking out in the (infrequent) drum breaks from pentarion beatmaster Stu Kawowski, still pounding the skins like he was 25.

“We really gotta get some bigger amps” commented Bob after the show.

“Its the thought that counts” Steve  muttered cryptically.

Post: Mecca Be Vest

Axemen “Hey Alice” in Tom Lax mix, THE WIRE magazine online

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A passing search for “Axemen” at THE WIRE today discovered The Axemen’s ditty “Hey Alice” within a special guest mix from Tom Lax, that was itself within a 90 min downloadable set called Adventures In Modern Music 06 November 2008 by Derek Walmsley. (who is one dry-arse nigga, but he plays some frikkin wack shit !!!)

Here’s the entire tracklist:

James Brown
Funky President (People It’s Bad)
from Reality
(Polygram CD)

Joel Stern
Stradbroke Verse

from Objects Masks Props
(Naturestrip CD)

Anders Dahl

from Doorbells
(Bombax Bombax CD)

Valerio Cosi
Making Love In Lhasa

from Collected Works
(Porter CD)

Harry Pussy
Showroom Dummies

from You’ll Never Play This Town Again: Live, Etc 1997
(Load CD)

George Coleman
Innocent Little Doggy

from Bongo Joe
(Mississippi LP)

** mix from Thomas Lax of Siltbreeze **

1. The Manatees, No Good
2. Tone Deaf And The Idiots, Why Do Politics Turn Men Into Toads?
3. What, Cynical Blitz
4. Saccharine Trust, Disillusion Fool
5.Kosmonautentraum, Werkzeugmacher
6. Slight Seconds, New Me
7. If Only, if Only
8. Axemen, Hey Alice
9. Second Layer, Zero
10. Iceplants, Hanoi Jane


Black Uhuru
Going To Zion

from Randy’s 50th Anniversary
(North Parade CD)

Impact All-Stars
Ordinary Version 3

from Randy’s 50th Anniversary
(North Parade CD)

Eleh 009: Phase One – Sleeps Golden Drones Again 

from Floating Frequencies/Intuitive Synthesis III
(Important LP)


from Tilburg
(Korm Plastics LP)


Audio1995 8_2
(Apple Pips 12″)

THE WIRE magazine online

Times New Viking ♥ the Velvets 
with Psychedelic Horseshit

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(reprinted from the website of Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus Ohio – home of Times New Viking)

Times New Viking

Times New Viking

9PM Sat 14 Feb ’09

For our closing party for the exhibition Andy Warhol: Other Voices, Other Rooms—and to celebrate Valentine’s Day—local breakout band Times New Viking play their own versions of the eternally lovable tunes of the Velvet Underground, the art rock icons launched with the help of Warhol himself. 

TNV, like the Velvets, know the addictive lure of twisted pop riding on buzzing droning riffs, and they’re keen to rev up the Velvets songbook with fresh interpretations.

Psychedelic Horseshit, also from Columbus, kick things off.


Click below to listen to the entire 69 minute Velvets set by TNV (95MB MP3)



Set list:

01. Run Run Run 
02. I’ll Be Your Mirror
03. I’m Waiting For My Man
04. All Tomorrow’s Parties
05. Sunday Morning
06. Venus in Furs
07. Can’t Stand It Anymore
08. Heroin
09. Pale Blue Eyes
10. Here She Comes Now
11. Femme Fatale
12. After Hours

Big Cheap Motel LP Ready For Order!

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Reprinted with permission of the author

So the 1st of the Axemen reissue lp series is now available. ‘Big Cheap Motel’ was originally released as a cassette in 1983 & documents the band’s assault on a free concert sponsored by the Big M milk congolmerate. On here one finds the Axemen to be the living embodiment of early ‘don’t man hate, man educate’ Riot Grrrl doctrine, caterwauling a set of on-the-spot original protests (+ a Rolling Stones cover) aimed at local city council & Big M’s salacious advertising that falls somewhere between ATV’s ‘What You See Is What You Are’ & Half Japanese live in DuPont Circle ( Would Alan Alda approve? Hard to say, but hopefully it’s a formidable enough aural action to keep Germaine Greer’s piehole shut. It’s no Crass, but then, what is?

Big Cheap Motel LP Label

This lp is an edition of 700.

All copies include an insert & most come w/stickers suitable for bodily application.

Step right up & order.


15$ ppd US

17$ ppd Canada

25$ ppd elsewhere

Paypal to;

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This is WWIV – LSM confronts the Iron Eagle

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WWIV Song Cycle


Rock Mountain


03  What Is Rock?

04  Back_2_The_City

05  Man-i-mal


06_I Wanna_Rock_It

07  Rock-n-Roll_Neanderthal


08  Black_Snake

09  Heavy_Water

10  Iron_Eagle

Iron Eagle

This is WWIVIn 1999, Marty Sauce and the Source’s principal songwriter and G.I.C.S.N. conceptual guru Davey G approached Little Stevie McCabe about doing the soundtrack arrangements for his visionary (but alas unreleased – until now!) apocalytic concept album and rock opera, tentatively entitled “This is WWIV!”*USA Eagle

The libretto for this ethereal and ungodly masterpiece revolves around the epic journey of a young shepherd boy ‘Hombreo’  (to be played by a clean-shaven Marty Sauce) to the city after he sees a nuclear missile launch from the hills of his homeland, where he is tending his sheep.

Indian Nuke

In the still of the clear Afghani night Hombreo can see its trajectory for miles with crystal clarity, and follows it with his keen shepherds night vision [his eyes being locally referred to as so-called 'sheep seeking missiles'] to its destination, where he sees an awe-inspiring and terrible sight; a huge white-orange flash followed by a billowing mushroom-shaped pillar of smoke rising in slow motion over the horizon like a startled king cobra emerging from its basket, shimmering against the rhinestoned velvet wallhanging which is the desert sky.

This is WWIV symbols

“Red Sky at night, shepherds delight” he murmers to the assembled throng of sheep,  now huddled, shivering, at the base of his rough-hewn towelling and sackcloth candlewick bedspread.

Hombreo takes off for the city and has his shepherd-boy eyes opened clockwork-orange style, real horrorshow like, by the myriad bestial and despicable sights he sees along the way, culminating in the grand finale, which takes plays in the lair of the bald, beclawed and bewildered Iron Eagle. Afight ensues ansd the inevitable happens.

Hombreo at first tries to behead, then is bemused by, then finally befriends the metallic bird, and together they rule the land forever from 1000 feet below the scorched earth at ground level.

This Is WWIV - Poster

* Other names shortlisted: “Apocalypse Soon”; “Nagasaki 2000″; “Boom!!!”; “Miss Afghanistan”; “Where Eagles Iron”; “It Aint Half Hot, Omam!”

Post: Talc Betel Vices Emit

You’re in the army, now, lad!

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Despatches from Dr Chad’s gig in Wellington 23.01.09

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Rakin it in in Wellington - pic by Norbert

Rakin' it in in Wellington - pic by Norbert Haley - Click for Norb's gallery

Thanks to our wandering AV recordist Norbert Haley, we have a 33 minute set of Eugene in full swing at the Happy Bar in Wellington last week (23/01/09), and a few snaps too.

Dr Chad live at Happy Bar Wellington (32MB mp3)

Check out 2 tracks from ‘Election’ [2008]:

Eugene Chadbourne – Your USA My Face

Eugene Chadbourne – I hate the man who runs this bar

Radio NZ interview with Chadmeister:

Radio NZ Interview 2 Feb 09 – Eva Radich / Eugene Chadbourne


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Eat Skull – 9.15.08, Excerpt I, Sneaky Dee’s, Toronto

camera: ayal senior



~ lp (siltbreeze) $14.00

eat skull are a quartet hailing from portland, oregon, co-masterminded by rob enbom (former bushwacker in the ranks of hospitals and hole class) and another original hospital, rod meyer (the greatest living genius of punk). previous eat skull efforts include a cassette-only ep and a pair of 7-inches, all of which might be out of print. like their brethren and forebears, eat skull runs a post pattern deep beyond pop and punk. they bring to the game an extrasensory appreciation of new zealand’s south island sound (great unwashed, axemen), cleveland art-damage skronk (modern art studio, x-x), and the wretched excess of forgotten midwest hardcore (stiff legged sheep, chemotherapy). vinyl-only edition of 800 copies.

Dragan Stojanovic – Music and Stuff

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Some Bullshit Podcast: Episode One features Axemen “Pacific Ocean”

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Nestled amongst fellow Kiwis Chris Heazlewood,  The Gordons- (live at Taita pub, 1982) and illuminaries Jad Fair and The Raincoats sits a somewhat abruptly truncated “Pacific Ocean” by The Axemen on this nearly 60 min sHit-Fi podcast… 

Some Bullshit Podcast: Episode One

sunday, december 30, 2007
Listen: HERE

Time: 57 Minutes, 11 Seconds
Tracks: 19
Genres: Lo-Fi, Post-Punk, Punk, Noise-Rock, Dicking Around In The Bedroom With A Tape Recorder, Vomit, Proto-Twee, Gay/Homosexual

1- Baby Bird (US)- Track Six (2007 Demo)
2- The Mad- “I Hate Music” (“We Love Noize” EP, 1978)
3- Ex-Humans- “Ex-Humans” (“Anofeli Epiviosi” LP, 1984)
4- Astronauts- “Survivors” (“The Survivor” EP, 1979)
5- The Pix- “Speed On The Toilet” (“Even Iets Rechtzetten” 6-Track Cassette, 1983)
6- The Freeze- “Psychodalek Nightmares (“In Colour” EP, 1979)
7- Gordons- “Machine Song (Live)” (“Live At Taita Pub”, 1982)
8- Chris Heazlewood- “Something Here” (“Rat Fink A Boo Boo” LP, 1990)
9- Car Commercials- “Growing Up” (“A Young Victoriaville” Cassette, 2007)
10- Icky Boyfriends- “” (“Talking To You Is Like Being Dead” Compilation, 2003)
11- Dexter- “Alike Deer” (“Snackhouse” LP, 1999)
12- Bunny Brains- “Meal Ticket” (CD*1993)
13- File Under Pop- “Corrugate” (“Corrugate”, 1979)
14- The 49 Americans- “Don’t Sing The Blues” (“E Pluribus Unum” LP, 1980)
15- People In Control- “Pail Fail” (“When It’s War” Single, 1981)
16- Fabulous Diamonds- “1.49” (“Fabulous Diamonds” EP, 2007)
17- The Raincoats- “No One’s Little Girl” (“Kitchen Tapes” LP, 1983)
18- Axemen- “Pacific Ocean” (“Three Virgins, Three Visions, Three Versions”, 1984)
19- Jad Fair- “Starry Eyes” (“Monarchs” LP, 1982)


“Peter Wang Pud” used CD £74.84 (NZ$206.00) Amazon UK

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Saw this listing on Amazon UK 07/12/08 ~ hefty price for an old Axer CD!


Also in the Discogs Marketplace some Axe offerings including Derry legend on vinyl US$100.00 (NZ$187.41)


Caffeine Madness – Vas Deferens’ tribute to Dragan’s Neon Picnic Tribulations | mouse fukkas!!!!

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Vas Deferens 20th Anniversary Gig

Vas Deferens 20th Anniversary Gig

Caffeine Madness







I'm Bob Geldof - Welcome to the Neon Picnic

I'm Bob Geldof - Welcome to the Neon Picnic

The Axemen were supposed to play the Neon Picnic, back in ’88.

I was realy looking forward to playing at the legendary Sweet-waters site. I was not lucky enough to have been at any of those fore mentioned events.

The headline act was supposed to be The Big O (Roy Orbison) so you can imagine how much I was Looking forward to seeing him in person and perhaps even meeting him, but alas it was not to be.

I have no idea of how it failed nor do I care. It did fail and these peace loving hippies who clapped at this other peace loving hippy who chased me and beat me up must have thought that it was my fault it failed. All I did was in my hung over state, the following morning, walk in on them peace loving house-truking(mouse-f**king) dirty hippies and asked where the coffie was.

author Stojanovic participates in drumkit therapy session at Cherry Farm following the disastrous Neon Shitcake incident

Author Stojanovic participates in drumkit therapy session at Cherry Farm following the disastrous Neon Shitcake incident

How was I to know they were having a meeting about their miserable failure, I mean  they were not even saying anything, they were all just sitting around in silence.

Perhaps if I had ESP I could have figured it out. After the asshole beat me up it cheer up those horrible hippies and they all clapped as if they actualy achieved something. All they achived that morning was my eternal disgust at supposed ” live in harmony hippies?’

I guess everyone needs a scape-goat. What they needed was a bath and then perhaps people would have taken them seriously and not just hurried them on pretending to say yes just to get them out of sight (and smell). So the Neon Picnic will always be known as the Non Picnic.

Caffeine madness, dragan chased by hippies in tank

Caffeine madness, dragan chased by hippies in tank


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