“The Message” live at Christchurch City Mall c.1984

Just been listening to this old cassette. It’s an ICI C-90 manufactured in Hong Kong. Says on the label, in Steve’s writing, “CITY MALL CONNOISSEURS AVEC AVEC AXEMEN” (though it was in a case with, in Stu’s writing, “PERF. CAFE SUN/MON 6/7 JAN” and “PULSE: SAT 12 JAN 85” –early trips to Auckland & Wellington I remember well). The first few seconds are indeed the C’n’W-SEWERS, some nice Hamilton brothers pickin’ and playin’, then there’s some technical palaver about jacks going in or out and someone plugging in a wah-wah. Then it goes straight into this song, which is clearly the famous Duke Bootee/Mel Melle composition “The Message.” There’s saxes, so I’m guessing they’re Al Rite and Arthur Sheep. Stu’s whacking out that street beat and I’m the one on the wah-wah. Steve’s playing chords on an unplugged electric guitar. I figure it’s 1984 because it’s Christchurch and I remember we all went to see that movie Beat Street one night and then couldn’t stop playing the great hip-hop licks we kept hearing from that day on. It has a great Egyptian feel to it, too, probably from those jazzniks listening to Sun Ra and Salah Ragab. Good one. Posted by Bob.   More from Live at City Mall

Y2K – A cautionary tale

Where do I begin?

As a programmer, we are often asked opinions about the Y2K bug. In short, we are more concerned about the bugs in people’s minds than on their computers.

But this is not the answer to this question. People want to know whether the “Y2K is true – forecasts, and next January, defect, it is true, and suddenly change their lifestyles. Even people who are just passing, to follow the news that they can be serious. This is just what to do in their Y2K his life is a big decision, and they want reliable information.

There is no lack of information reliability. Y2K stories are everywhere, and the entire industry, Y2K experts showed that the different scenarios for 2000 AD. They all start from the same place where it is known that the penalty two decimal numbers, observed a 99 question is how it’s done in the real world?

First of all, she pictures the breakdown in a variety of devices – computers for automatic control systems and built and the elements of great importance for action in all kinds of materials. They imagine that these losses could be to promote and consolidate leads to many problems. Imagine the range of results, is a perfect way for the destruction of civilization as we know, almost non-existent problems.