[Mysterex] Smelly Feet – live and on record – 1981 – 1982

Reprinted with kind permission of Andrew Schmidt, http://mysterex.blogspot.com/
Originally posted on Mysterex Friday, 25 January 2008
Original Article: http://mysterex.blogspot.com/2008/09/song-for-world.html

smelly-feetsmelly-feet_rearSmelly Feet – A Song For The World – Real Records 7” EP – September 1981.

Smelly Feet – Masterpieces/ You’re A Person – Real Records 7” – February 1982.
When Shoes This High’s Jessica and Kevin were away – which was frequently – singer Brent Hayward passed the time learning to play guitar and writing the songs he’d perform as Smelly Feet when STH split. As he travelled the country he’d sell the newly recorded songs by turning up at shows and asking to play between sets, relying on contacts such as The Chills’ Martyn Bull, who was a childhood friend from Masterton. Nine out of ten said yes. Smelly Feet played on The Fall’s last night in Auckland in August 1982. The 3Ds had the sense (and obscure taste) to cover Smelly Feet’s learn-and-record-as-you-go solo folk classic, A Song For The World, while follow-up Masterpieces shows just how fast Hayward was developing as a songwriter and recording artist.

Dates (Smelly Feet plays all shows): June ’81 – The Clean. Reverb Room. 18. 19. 20. September ’81 – Naked Spots Dance. Second Nose. Knives of West Eleven. Beware House. The Clean. Alms For Children. Rumba Bar. 18. 19. Alms For Children. A Second Nose. Auckland University Cafe. 25. October ’81 – Gladstone. 29. 30. 31. November ’81 – Second Nose. Station. December ’81 – Rumba Bar. 4. 5. January ’82 – Old Synagogue. March ’82 – Zombies of the Stratosphere. Rumba Bar. 24. 25. April ’82 – Youth Resource Centre. 20. June ’82 – Star and Garter. 23. 24. Empire. 25. 26. August ’82 – Real Theatre. Globe 31.

3 thoughts on “[Mysterex] Smelly Feet – live and on record – 1981 – 1982

  1. Love to get hold of a copy of this. Saw him back in the day in Auckland. My brother bought this record off Mr Hayward in Whangarei where he was busking. He was robbed by some miscreants or so the story goes. These tunes have stayed with me. Cheers.

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