Big Cheap Motel LP Ready For Order!




Reprinted with permission of the author

So the 1st of the Axemen reissue lp series is now available. ‘Big Cheap Motel’ was originally released as a cassette in 1983 & documents the band’s assault on a free concert sponsored by the Big M milk congolmerate. On here one finds the Axemen to be the living embodiment of early ‘don’t man hate, man educate’ Riot Grrrl doctrine, caterwauling a set of on-the-spot original protests (+ a Rolling Stones cover) aimed at local city council & Big M’s salacious advertising that falls somewhere between ATV’s ‘What You See Is What You Are’ & Half Japanese live in DuPont Circle ( Would Alan Alda approve? Hard to say, but hopefully it’s a formidable enough aural action to keep Germaine Greer’s piehole shut. It’s no Crass, but then, what is?

Big Cheap Motel LP Label

This lp is an edition of 700.

All copies include an insert & most come w/stickers suitable for bodily application.

Step right up & order.


15$ ppd US

17$ ppd Canada

25$ ppd elsewhere

Paypal to;

posted by: Germaine Greer’s Piehole

4 thoughts on “Big Cheap Motel LP Ready For Order!

  1. i got a weird question for ya, did that andband split 7′ come w/a outer sleeve? sorry, away for home computer, hence this odd missive.

  2. Nice. There’s definitely a bit of interest in that old tome Geo, be good if Ian could find the time to do a needle drop on PS/AB 7″ (at the correct RPM of course 🙂 and then one could get the WAV files and artwork altogether for a re-issue. I’m not assuming anyone in particular but it’s easier once you’ve got all the ingredients together to bake a cake 🙂

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