Loliners – doing lines, doing time



Loliners Started 2004
Ex trash/grungeriotgrrlpunk with gats
Some history:
Lisa Preston – keyboard, drums, guitar, vocals
Bands: Portage, Nux-Vomica The Axemin, Snort, Thee Hellfire Club, The Luvin’ 44’s, The Ginger Group, The Tryhards, Loliners
Joanne Billesdon – lead and rhythm guitar & vocals
Bands: The Stepford 5, The Renderers, The Axemin, I M Force, Snort, The Hellfire Club, The Strap-ons, The Tryhards, Loliners
Sharon Warhurst – bass guitar
Bands: The Stepford 5, Snort, I M Force, Thee Hellfire Club, loliners
Russell Covyene – Drums…

100% New Zealand Music

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Track Obsessed And Deranged 3:12 MP3 NZ $1.99 Play Buy
Track Another Dead Daddy 4:10 MP3 NZ $1.99 Play Buy

Photo Galleries

Penguin Club Oamaru

Craziest place in Oamaru Penguin Club !! G8 Time and Great People

Loliners & Renders at Harbour Light Ch CH

2007 Lo liners support Renderers at the Harbor Light, Lyt Christchurch




Lisa Preston: vocals, noise ,rhythm guitar
Joanne Billesdon: vocals, lead guitar

Sharon Warhurst: Bass guitar
Russell Coveenie: Drums

Record Company



Alternative, Country, Film Music, Rock

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