AXEMEN items stolen from tour van, Sacramento

Stolen Gear List USA

1x Gibson Epiphone “tobacco starburst” electric guitar (US$275) with soft black Gibson travel case (US$150)






1x Aria Pro 2 bass guitar (white body, rosewood neck) in Ibanez hard case brown (US$750 serial No. in NZ)













1x Bolex SBM 16mm camera Nr. 305828 (US$2000 approx)












1x Switar 10mm ƒ1.6 lens SN 1069999 (US$650 approx)







1x Switar 25mm ƒ1.4 lens S/N 974399 (US$450 approx)







1x small suitacse with wheels and handle similar to:

TravelPro 4070820-10 20-Inch Rollaboard Suiter Suitcase $175

Panasonic DMC GH1 accessories: charger, AC adapter, cables etc… approx US$200

de-a49c charger

K2CJ2DA00008 AC cable

DC cable VEKON98

AV cable K1HA14CD0001

USB cable K1HA14AD0001

CD-ROM software

Body cap VKF4385

lens rear cap VFC4315

Lens storage bag VFC4430

1x Panasonic LX2 battery charger $30.00

1x Wiebetech Ultradock

31205-2409-0000 UltraDock v4, FW800/FW400/eSATA/USB, access IDE or SATA drives, US power plug US$199

1x Hitachi 2TB SATA hard drive US$184.99

1x SEAGATE 1TB SATA hard-drive US$89.99

1x SEAGATE 320GB serial ATA notebook drive

1x Vantec NST-285S2 BK 2.5″ hard drive case  US$18.95

1x SABRENT EC-UEIS7 3.5″ hard drive case

1x power strip (NZ) 4 outlets US$10

Various US->NZ power adapters $100

Various firewire cables, 6pin and 9pin $100

1x Manfrotto clamp/ball-joint-camera attachment NZ$200

1x Manfrotto tripod 745B MDEVE TRIPOD BLACK, fitted with 1x 128LP MICRO FLUID VIDEO HEAD Approx NZ$600

1x Philips Electric shaver 8240 8200 Series NZ$399.00

1x Medium suitcase hard-sided Approx. US$100

Personal items (Stu):

1x “OMEN” brand (Hamburg, Germany)  light blue jersey wool US$300

1x Rodd & Gunn black moleskin trousers (NZ$159.00)

1x Icebreaker top greay NZ$64.99

3x Icebreaker BOXER BRIEF WITH FLY NZ$120

4x Icebreaker socks Hiker Heavy crew NZ$18.99 x3 NZ$57.00



2x pairs all cotton sox $NZ40

6x various t-shirts NZ$120

6x “SHUSTAK “DVDs NZ$120


3 dozen T-shirts Lime green in carrier bag US$75 shirts, US$97 printing

Tour Diaries: 4) A message from home, and the latest L.A. dance craze

Stu checks if Kurt Vile has that 20 bucks he owes him
Stu checks if Kurt Vile has that 20 bucks he owes him

A lot happening since last post.

We got the touring wagon sorted, a late model (2010 even) KIA minivan with 6 seats and a GPS unit we are calling ‘Suzie’.

Grow Yor Own Media, Atwater Village, L.A.
Grow Yor Own Media, Atwater Village, L.A.
Grow Your Own Media -
Grow Your Own Media -

The Touring Van - 'Kia Car Ha', AKA 'Ludwig', AKA 'The Korean Paean', AKA 'Herbie'
The Touring Van - 'Kia Car Ha', AKA 'Ludwig', AKA 'The Korean Paean', AKA 'Herbie', AKA 'Pork Pie', AKA 'The Seoul Train'

Went down to the garment district and picked out some fluro lime green t-shirts to get printed up for tour with a facsimile of one of the original designs for an early gig in dunedin by a guy with a small screenprinting shop just outside central L.A.

Word came in from Aussie when we drifted in tonite that Bob missed his plane to Sydney (layover on way to L.A.) due to an AK transport malfunction but had rebooked on another two hrs later and was now safely ensconced on the L.A. flight.

No word from Dragan who is supposed to be joining Bob in Sydney from Wellington before the pair travel on to L.A. together, so can only assume no news is good news until we hear further…


Steve Humann, Ava
Steve Humann, Ava
Downtown L.A.
Downtown L.A.
Steve Humann, Stu Kawowski
Steve Humann in lime fluro Axemen T, Stu Kawowski
Is that a giant pizza or are you just pleased to see me?
Is that a giant pizza or are you just pleased to see me?

That guy takes the cake
That guy takes the cake

Picked up Steve Humann’s kid Ava from school, took them over to the Halloween Carnival the next day, picked up the shirts and caught a couple of gigs, Kurt Vile and Jello Biafra with his new band The Guantanamo School of Medicine.

Eating at least 3 meals a day, Humann is a walking directory of L.A. food joints!

I get the feeling Suzie is a little jealous of him as she only wants to please us but Humann has the insider knowledge of the good eating and shopping locations without us having to punch the zip code into him. Hope we don’t piss her off too much before we hit the road…

Caught a couple of gigs, Kurt Vile at Spaceland and Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine at the El Ray Theatre on Wilshire Blvd.


Kurt Vile, Spaceland
Kurt Vile, Spaceland

Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, El Ray Theatre, L.A.
Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, El Ray Theatre, L.A.

Our string of good luck with parking in L.A. (mostly due to broken meters) came to an abrupt halt at Spaceland when we got a traffic violation ticket for parking in an obscurely signposted Residents Permit parking zone… we will contest it claiming kiwi ignorance of course.
Fiddle-de-di, tomorrow is another day… picking up Bob and Dragan at LAX tomorrow at 5.00PM local time.

Went round to Steve’s ex’s to drop off Ava and partake of the biggest pizza either of us have ever seen, a celebration for SH’s birthday…

The L.A. Stroll – Origins

Not being a big city for walkers, it is culturally interesting the latest dance craze here involves participants walking round in a circle – by the end of the gig, quite possibly the longest walk the auience member has done since the last mosh-able gig they attended.

According to our authority on the subject (Humann, fount of all L.A. knowledge), the dance developed from L.A. punks getting bored with pogo-ing in the 80’s and becoming fascinated with skanking when one of their number returned from England in the early 80’s having mastered skanking, the dance style favoured by Ska groups of the time vaguely resembling jogging on the spot.


Steve and Stu tuck into some tasty Mexican
Steve and Stu tuck into some tasty Mexican

In Humann terms  (or, as the saying goes, ‘As the Humann Flies’), as soon as the punks realised they could ‘inadvertantly’ hit and kick crowd members and claim they were only dancing (in some versions of the story, this was also the origin of the Bowie classic “John I’m only dancing”, the gay overtones added to embellish the story later when it became fashionable once again to be gay), it took off and spread like a California wildfire through the 80’s and has disappeared and reappeared in one guise or another throughout the decades since.

I must say the latest incarnation to me had a sense of ‘slothiness’ to it which perhaps does the high-energy music which it often accompanies a disservice in that the performer will often build more of a sweat than the audience.


The 'L.A. Stroll' dance - looks just like walking around in a circle to me....The ‘L.A. Stroll’ dance – looks suspiciously like walking around in a circle to me….
...Jimmy shows us how its done
...Jimmy shows us how its done


Ol' Fuck-pants takes a break
Ol' Fuck-pants takes a break from strollin'


JB has a little merch. left for the next gig
JB has a little merch. left for the next gig




an album of unreleased Sleek Bott recordings from the 1983-1985 cache

from the THREE VIRGINS sessions, Christchurch, April 1985

850400 State Trinity

from the Feast of Flesh rehearsal, Dunedin, March 1984
(not the same version that appears on A SCAR IS BORN);
features keyboards by George D. Henderson

840414a Feast-O-Flesh 1

MOULDIE (LEG STORY) full version live
from the Gladstone, Christchurch, Dec. 31, 1983
—a 2-minute excerpt from this same take featured on the CD version of THE SOUTH DUNEDIN SOUND, as well as on the AGRO/BAIRD BASS-OFF collection (where it appeared alongside another live take recorded 2 nights later at the same pub); includes Arthur Sheep on sax & the 3rd-eye guest guitar of Gordo Baird’s brother, B. B. Ryan.

831231b Gladstone

from the THREE VIRGINS sessions, Christchurch, April 1985

live at the Star & Garter, Christchurch, June 1984

840615c Star&Garter1

live at Lisa Preston’s birthday party, Christchurch, November 1984

841102 Party II the next day

from the THREE VIRGINS sessions, Christchurch, April 1985

live at Lisa Preston’s birthday party, Christchurch, November 1984

live at Lisa Preston’s birthday party, Christchurch, November 1984

sounds like Christchurch, July-August 1985

850708 July-August

BRAIN ONE IAMBENT 1 Music for public toilets
live at the Arts Centre, Christchurch, June 1984

840613 State of the Art

from the THREE VIRGINS sessions, Christchurch, April 1985

850406a Trinity Of Fire

from the THREE VIRGINS sessions, Christchurch, April 1985

850406b Battle Of Egos

*   *   *

an axemen anno XXV rediscovery series production
specially compiled & released on the eve of their first US tour, 2009



Our shining path to delighted states

Today’s excerpt is from an acknowledged American classic:

Scientists believe America was discovered by Erik the Red, the world’s first communist, sometime in the After Dark Ages. Erik and his viking shipmates, all called Erik, outsmarted Royal Danish revenue collectors – whose exorbitant tax on Danishes had crippled the North Sea sweet pastry industry and resulted, in 1066, in the Diet of Scones – by masquerading as Scandinavian women. “Jühü, taxmänner! Wir lieben euch langseim! Ich am Erika!” became the catchcry of the wouldbe viqueen sirens; henceforth the mythical country of the bearded lady protoMarxists became known as am-Erika. The revenue men, already hardened after months at sea, gripped their stiff longswords. Suddenly seamen spurted from the ship in great foaming gouts…

author Walt "Slim" Whitmon & his famous book

author Walt “Slim” Whitmon & his famous book

Tour Diaries: 3) Los Angeles, Takin Care of Business

The Touring wagon - Kia Car Ha
The Touring wagon - Kia Car Ha

Well we got the touring wagon today, no Siennas available but we got a KIA 2010 model with 1400 Miles on it and a GPS – now thats what I call golden!

Kawowski & McCabe - Takin' Care of Business
Kawowski & McCabe - Takin' Care of Business
capitalism: a love story
Capitalism: a Love Story

Having got that sorted out we took it for a spin out to Hollywood Forever to see Johnny Ramone’s grave and the Hollywood sign for photo shoot, picked up Humann’s kid Ava, went book-grazing and caught a movie…

The iconic Axemen sign in the Hollwood Hills
The iconic Axemen sign in the Hollwood Hills
Stoop Boy Stoop Kawowski on the stoop
Stoop Boy Stoop Kawowski on the stoop
Car Ha the Kia - ooh la la, GPS and USB
Car Ha the Kia - ooh la la... GPS, USB, MP3, AXE
Johnny Ramone
Stu Kawowski, Steve Humann, the late Johnny Ramone at Hollywood Forever
Steve bones up on how the other half lives
Steve bones up on some reading
Down on Sunset
Down on Sunset

Tour Diaries: 2) Los Angeles, pre-tour

All Souls

Having now taken command of Los Angeles, and whilst allowing trade to continue as normal albeit under ein military regime, this is 2000 and some harrowing but major exceptions to the rule have decided, independent of the fully sanctioned and streets away, predictably, from where the real action was happening.

Hollywood 'n' Fry's
Hollywood 'n' Fry's

Notably, Stu and Steve (on behalf of the axemen as a partially available whole, or soul [‘The choice is yours, you tithe your 10% to your local rich-ass and you’re in line for the throne” struck out Pedro, his fb) buoyed by her decision to put a modicum of their eggs in one basket (as a causation equation and bearing in mind dragan and bob are initiated and primed to enter the arena at an unspecified yet predetermined time)

This first episode I call ‘WHITEY’

Science is fuck-all. We each have our own Memphis. We are all Elvis
Science is fuck-all. We each have our own Memphis. We are all Elvis. Who the fuck are you? - Steve Humann, thats who!

Checked out rental cars.  Some horseless carriages yippeeing up and restless, no doubt riled up by the host with the most, the antagonist, the chip mother, the screaming, breathing Grimm brother, th senseless one they don’t talk about, thy slipped a micky finn to one of those guys, who gives a fuck who.


All Souls is an equal-fate non-soul-discriminatory story, primarily but not solely based on the sole premise that the soul’s sole is imprinted indelibly on the soul of the holy fisherman, the weeping fisher, the fishing weeper, the weeper who never fishes, across the river directly from the fisher who never weeps…
Ginger the sliced ginger guy grunts as he psycles off another few slices of ginger for the solely soulless. “Otherwise it’d be for the birds!” he quips, the word ‘birds’ rhyming with the oft-used-advertising phrase ‘dis iz forda boids’!, mostly famous for accentuating the long vowel sound in the 60’s.

Day 3 – We are off to Burbank Airport to check out rental vans.  stop.

Tour Diaries: 1) Stu and Steve take off – AK-SYD

Stu Kawowski, Ak Airport
Stu Kawowski, Ak Airport

After yet another sleepless nite the time was finally here to get on board the U.S. ass-kicking train, destination Kick Some Ass, USA, with just long enough a stopover in Aussie to knock back a coupla cold ones.

Stu and Steve, forward scouts for the touring party proper headed off one week in advance to suss the terrain, check out transportation for tour, ogle and purchase electronic goods, check the cuisine, generally reconnoitre and give our credit cards a test run.

The news is out
Our first cuppa coffee for the day and the news is out....

First leg to Sydney take off at 0915 hrs, a cuppa java and HEY PRESTO the news is out – the much-vaunted tour has officially commenced!


1) Meet up with Tracie at airport

2) Coffee

3) Pick up Stu’s camera from Ted’s

4) Coffee

5) Lunch

6) Beer

7) Get back to Airport for L.A. Flight

Steve, Britney, Stu on VA-1
Panasonic GH1
Panasonic GH1

After waiting round for Tracie about an hour we called Kirsten and we went out to her pad in Newtown, walked into town for lunch then caught the train in Sydney to visit Ted and pick up Stu’s camera, the awesome Panasonic GH-1, got a few more< snaps and then back to Newtown to pick up Kirstens kid from school, and head down the pub for a beer – a must-do activity when in Aussie

Kirsten, Stu, Ted in Sydney
Kirsten, Stu, Ted in Sydney
Stu, Steve - pub life, Newtown, Sydney
Stu, Steve - pub life, Newtown, Sydney
Stu and Taylor, underage massage specialist
Stu and Taylor, underage massage specialist
Steve, Stu, Tracie, Sydney Airport
Steve, Stu, Tracie, Sydney Airport


LAX, Los Angeles, CA


391 mi – about 5 hours 55 mins (up to 7 hours 20 mins in traffic)

Sacramento, CA

Tue-Oct-27, Sacramento, CA – Luigi’s Fungarden

86.7 mi – about 1 hour 30 mins (up to 2 hours 10 mins in traffic)

San Francisco, CA

Thu-Oct-29 San Francisco, CA Bottom of the Hill confirmed

72.8 mi – about 1 hour 18 mins (up to 1 hour 40 mins in traffic)

Santa Cruz, CA

Fri-Oct-30 Santa Cruz, CA Crepe Place

US-101 S 367 mi 6 hours 5 mins (7 hours 20 mins in traffic)

or I-5 S 348 mi 5 hours 43 mins

Los Angeles, CA

Sun-Nov-01 Los Angeles, CA Echoplex/Part Time Punks

373 mi – about 5 hours 27 mins (up to 7 hours 0 mins in traffic)

Irvine, CA

Mon-Nov-02 Acrobatics Every Day / UC Irvine

I-5 S 41.7 mi40 mins (2 hours 10 mins in traffic)

Phoenix, AZ

Tue-Nov-03 Phoenix, AZ Modified Arts

I-10 E 1,066 mi 15 hours 7 mins

Dallas, TX

Fri-Nov-06 Dallas, TX The Lounge on Elm St

221 mi – about 3 hours 41 mins

Austin, TX

Sat-Nov-07, Axemen TBA, TNV playing Fun Fun Fun Festival

I-30 E 647 mi 9 hours 44 mins

Memphis, TN

Mon-Nov-09 Memphis, TN Hi Tone

US-78 E 237 mi 3 hours 54 mins

Birmingham, AL

Wed-Nov-11 Birmingham, AL Bottletree

146 mi – about 2 hours 22 mins

Atlanta, GA

Thu-Nov-12 Atlanta, GA Star Bar

I-85 N 382 mi 6 hours 2 mins

Carrboro, NC

Fri-Nov-13 Carrboro, NC Local 506

I-85 N 312 mi 5 hours 26 mins

Baltimore, MD

Sat-Nov-14 DC / Baltimore Otto Bar

98.3 mi – about 1 hour 55 mins

Philadelphia, PA

Sun-Nov-15 Philadelphia, PA Kung Fu Necktie

I-95 N 96.8 mi 1 hour 52 mins (2 hours 20 mins in traffic)

New York

Wed-Nov-18 NY Mercury Lounge

4.1 mi – about 13 mins

Brooklyn, NJ

Tue-Nov-19 NY NY Union Pool

Flatbush Ave 9.9 mi 30 mins

Hoboken, NJ

Fri-Nov-20. Maxwells

I-95 N 219 mi 3 hours 59 mins (4 hours 50 mins in traffic)

Boston, MA

Sat-Nov-21 Boston MA, Great Scott

I-81 S 779 mi 12 hours 42 mins

Morgantown, WV 123 Pleasant Street

Mon-Nov 23, Morgantown, WV 123 Pleasant Street

I-78 E 381 mi 6 hours 25 mins

Columbus, OH

Fri-Nov 27, Columbus, OH – TBC

205 mi – about 3 hours 15 mins

Chicago, Il

Sat-Nov-28, Chicago, Il – (instore & gig) venues TBC

I-70 W – 354 mi 5 hours 31 mins

New York

I-80 E 788 mi 12 hours 16 mins

TOTAL: Approx 7000 miles 😮

Gig Report: Chicks Hotel, Port Chalmers, Thurs Oct 1 2009 – The port with the charming name

Chicks – October 2009

Chicks @ Chicks
Chicks @ Chicks

If anyone was laying bets on to see who could be chosen to charm this gloomy yet cheerful neck of the woods the odds would probably not have had good pile of winnings had they invested in the dynamic pairing of those vehemently and unapologetically wizened old geezers [The Axemen] with the relatively youthful and still bouncy and vibrant Auckland-based chick and bloke combo [The Hairdos] at the South of the South Islands premiere music venue CHICKS Hotel in Port Chalmers.

The Location

Chicks - One Nite Only
Chicks - One Nite Only - gizza ticket bro!

Port Chalmers, the idyllic Southern town is of course just a sunny breeze away from that mestasising brooding musical hub of the South, South Dunedin, poorer of the two Dunedins group, and allegedly the inspiration behind Gaylenetms epic poem DUNEDIN.

SD, having spread its gull wings over the Octagon and smearing its majestic leaves outwards in order to imperfectly carpet the rest of the polygonal submetropolis that is Dunedin proper, or ‘the Dunedin Interface’, as hungry commuters wait to devour their buses, taxis and the famous trams and trains bustling through the hurdy-gurdy streets, the better to transport the throngs who have drawn the magic lots to go out and visit the poor cousins in the Charming Port just a stones throw away, has of course now become a touchstone for all visitors interested in getting a taste of the ‘olde’ Dunedin sound and the sights and smells of the city which at once enthralled and appalled those who uptook them in those heady days of the 80’s.

The People

Leila, Luk
You Can't Touch This!
You Can't Touch This! .... Stu's photo-timer is glaringly unaware of the 5-second rule - Steve and Marty's only too aware...

The axemen / hairdos combo has been firing up dancefloors across the island nation of nz since time immemorial (or at least for most of the year 2009) however this was the inaugural trip to the mainland for the follically annointed trio and the first visit across the rubicon of the mighty Kilmog for their adze-wielding cohorts in a number of years.

AXEMEN show on WFMU 91.1FM (NYC metro NJ USA) Nov 24th, 3pm – 6pm

WFMU logo The Axemen
Tuesday, November 24th, 3pm – 6pm on Brian Turner’s show, (streaming/archiving)
91.1 fm (NYC metro NJ) 90.1 fm (Catskills/Hudson Valley/PA/WNJ)

One of the big touring surprises for 2009 has to be the visit of New Zealand’s legendary Axemen to U.S. shores. The band began in Christchurch in 1981 and stood somewhat aside of the pop path exhibited by much of the the Flying Nun label roster, but are without doubt one of the more fascinating Kiwi exports. Various live shows and releases displayed a loose but virulent amalgamation of avant-garage, Half Japanese style sax primitivism, confusion, and general air of maladjusted greatness.

They’ve got two reissues “Big Cheap Motel” and “Scary!” out now on Siltbreeze, and are hitting the road coast to coast with Times New Viking. You can catch them in the NYC area November 18th at Mercury Lounge, 19th at Union Pool, and 20th at Maxwells in Hoboken!