Flying Sorcerers debut release out

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William Daymond: “This has been a long time in the making but The Flying Sorcerers debut release is now available. We have set it as “name your price” on bandcamp but it will only be like this for a few days so those curious should get in quick.”


flyingsorcerersWilliam Daymond – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals
Paul Glubb – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals
Margaret Gordon – Drums, Vocals


released 22 November 2013
Engineered and recorded by Tom Watson at The Car Club, Newtown, Wellington, 7 November 2011.
Overdubs completed sporadically throughout 2012 and 2013 in Paul’s basement, Newtown, Wellington.
Mixed by Annabel Alpers and Adam Cooke in Baltimore, MD, August 2013.
Mastered by Tom Watson at The Orange Room, Wellington, 17 & 19 November 2013.Photography by John Collie, Cover Art by Margaret Gordon, Cover Design by Mike Boulden.Special thanks to Annabel Alpers and Adam Cooke, Tom Watson, Mike Boulden, Nick White, John Collie, Catherine Henehan, Terror of the Deep, Matt Bullimore, Simon Nunn, Jared Kelly, Uncle Shandy, Dave Imlay, The Family Practice, Joe Sampson, Brett Stanton, Riki Gooch and Mike Gibson.

Straight To Hell – Shoes This High LP out Jan 2014

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Ghost Ranch X - Fats White
Ghost Ranch X – Fats White; cover art for ‘Straight to Hell’

While Shoes This High’s existence was a mere glint in the eye of Father Time (a year or more, tops), they made every second count, stalking the New Zealand post-punk landscape—both North and South islands—with ravenous abandon.

For most fans, their legend and reputation rest solely on the strength of one highly formidable (and collectable) self-released 7-inch EP from 1981. And as anyone with ears who’s had the good fortune to come in contact with its jagged, scabrous genius can attest, the cry invariably rings out afterward: “Mein Gott, is this all there is?” In the 30-plus years since its initial release, the answer has been a most unflinching “yes.”

That is, until Siltbreeze tapped into the massive tape library of famed New Zealand underground music archivist Bob Sutton, who had in his possession a white-hot live scorcher of the group, culled from a set that went down at the infamous Billy the Club way back when. Straight to Hell showcases a band at the peak of their menacing powers.

Guitarist Kevin Hawkins slashes and rips strings from his ax like a mad butcher; the rhythm section of Jessica Walker and Christopher Plummer is par excellence, while the sneering, contemptuous vocals of singer S. Brent Hayward spit like poison darts above the swagger. Expertly sequenced by Jared Phillips (Times New Viking), Straight to Hell is a most welcome and astonishingly great artifact that delivers in buckets a shivering, toxic rain you always knew had fallen. Vinyl comes with a digital download of the complete album plus the four studio tracks from the original 1981 EP. One-time edition of 500—buy now or cry later.

Shoes This High posters – from the awesome collection of Bob Sutton