Seed Science

Steve McCabe says …
Look out any window baby
I’ll show you some seeds
these are our seediest days
O yes indeed

mmm yes window dresser baby
keira knightley all dressed in tweed
your hee-haw shoes have gone to seed
join your fellow man in the navy

comin down fast so don’t let me break you
at least till i get some third party insurance

gonna take a lotta love to make you happy
baby – forget obamacare, here’s your insurance

I got a package that will fulfill your needs
i got what you want, a package full of seeds

SeedScience, its not rocket science
come onbaby its time to eat
Dazed andconfused with your white zone science
bothered and puzzled that you hte your coral reef!

Seed Science, it aint rocket science
everyoe needs some skin inthat game
ca’t help it, the girl can’t help it
can i get a witness cos i’m going insane

goodbye stranger
so long to your white shoes
you never lose
say goodbye
to the cut you’ll never lose
goodbe stranger now thar love is in the news

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