Granny’s Armalite Rifle

Gimme the riff you know i’m mortally challenged
Headstrong by default, you kow i’m unbalanced
loves him, she loves him but just for a short while
let me tell you something rhat will make you smile

the cop shop ran out of donuts and they had to get cakes in
loves yo she loves you, yeah yeah teeth in the cup of has-beens
cop shop witness protection ran out of smokes
where have all the good folks gone, or are we just out of folks

Loved him for a short while then i ran out of reason
time of the century to turn out the season
sits on the toilet like a girl, well why shouldn’t he
he was only 16 when he got his pudding plonked to the nth degree

only 16, you were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off
not the whole fucking 9 yards, Rimsky-Korsakov
Don’t bring me down. don’t you ever call my name
i ‘ll be wincing in heaven forever when i die, in shame

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