Flag the flag (demo)


Walking down the beach i see a shipwreck on the sandbar
swim across because its at low tide
global warmings takin’ tides down so the flagpoles been drunk-down
an i’ve never seen that mastiff from this side

faded stars and blue nite sky glimmer in the tidepool
shimmering majestic in the wind
fake patriotism – full all black hardon
drop your pants now i beg your pardon

flag the flag cried the kiwi
scurrying in the shadow of the night
to take power from the people due authority had to die

slippin up the coast i see another sad shipwreck
this time killing all the fish in situ
the devil himself comes up to give his welcome
congratulations, thanks for the tribute

flag the flag squawked the kiwi
as it dismally fluttered and tried to fly the nest
to take power from the people all its power had to be suppressed